World Editor

Island Worlds comes with a powerful easy-to-use editor option that gives you the power to create and customize your own worlds. There is no limit to the number of worlds you can create. Just point and click to add, delete or modify an object.




Here are a few things that you can do within the Editor.

  • Choose from a list of terrains.
  • Add Quiz questions to your worlds to create exerlearning worlds.
  • Change the Colors and images for the terrain.
  • Populate the world with 3D objects (buildings, roads, trees, vehicles ...).
  • Customize any 3D object in the world. Change the size position, color and image maps.
  • Add sounds to your worlds. You can also use the editor to play your own music while you visit your worlds.
  • Highlight special locations within your worlds. You can then immediately jump to these bookmarked locations with a click of a button.
  • Add lights and shadows to enhance your worlds.
  • Add Fog to your worlds.
  • Change the water properties.
  • Change the sky color.
  • Change the world lighting; make it day or night.
  • Add and modify the sun, moon, stars and clouds.
  • Change the force of gravity.
  • Change collision detection.
  • Change the background image.





































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