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Your pedal motion controls your characters motion in the worlds that you visit.


When your character is a helicopter, your pedal motion controls how high you fly. Moving around requires faster pedal motion to keep flying.



When your character is a person, your pedal motion controls how fast your character walks or runs in the world.


You can use any stationary fitness equipment to explore worlds alone with the Trainer mode. You do this by following paths. Paths are like invisible train tracks.


Just jump on your treadmill, press play and enjoy the sights and sounds.


(The lines and points will disappear when you press play)

The Island Worlds Editor is powerful, yet easy to use.


Anyone can begin creating worlds in minutes.


Placing an object, light, shadow, sound or music in the world is as easy as "point and click".


It's easy to create your own custom worlds full of sights, sounds and you can even add your own music or custom sounds.


You don't have to create worlds, there will always be plenty to choose from.


It's a great place to unwind after a stressful day.


If you have a PCGamerBike™ you can put on your headphones, sit in a comfortable chair and go for a nice relaxing stroll.




































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